Welcome to the agora.

Welcome to the agora.

Monday - Friday 9:30AM – 5PM

Saturday 10AM – 4PM

Share with us what you are doing at the agora.
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What's happening at the Agora?

  • Sharon is exploring.

  • Spencer is Screening Startupland

  • Jason is Watching Startupland!

  • Belle is snacking on some snackbox and working on a summer music project

  • haru yasumi is composing an e-mail to a boy she fancies

  • M. Mouse is curious

  • Kenny is Exploring

  • erika is learning brazilian portuguese!

  • Kevin is recovering from that shootout!

  • Hanale is browsing...

  • erika is listening to bjork

  • Ziggy is In the house 8-)

  • Sarah is Looking at images!

  • David is looking forward to the event tonight! And hungry...

  • Justin is Hanging in the shade

  • The Oba is Here

  • Spencer and Tessa is Using bad grammar

  • Jake is Attending Pecha Kucha Architecture Presentation

  • Joe is playing with processing and clojure (quil)

  • Ben is having an operations meeting

  • James is waiting for Sarah outside by the Chemi-Toi, he doesn't want to disturb the Oba

  • Sarah is Doing some work and listening to Kyle Oba's talk about input/output/data/programming (I think)

  • The Oba is Unleashing my genius on the minions.

  • Jason is Waiting for the unleashing of the Oba.

  • Spencer is Is here to see the Oba